Alphonse Mellot


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  Guide de la Revue du Vins de France 2006



Red: 8 hectares. Pinot Noir 100%
White: 40 hectares. Sauvignon 100%
Average production: 330,000 bottles per year.

Like his father and eighteen generations of wine-merchants and vine-growers before him, he is called Alphonse. Like his father, he cultivates the taste of great wines, festivities, “rugby-esque” friendship and a penchant for fine-looking powerful cars. But while at 36 years old, his father was above all an extravagant wine-merchant and major player in the commercial success of Sancerre in Paris, Alphonse Mellot Junior was getting stuck into the vineyard side of things and, along with his team, was raising Moussière to the top of world-class wine-making. Complete cultivation, minimum yields and optimum maturity have brought his cuvées de sauvignon a rare precision and the development of the reds is impressive: today they are the most sumptuous pinot noirs produced in France outside of Burgundy.
The wines: Demoiselles and En Grands Champs are typical examples of the northern pinot and express the silkiness of pinots on flint clay (Demoiselles) and their density retained on limestone soils. As for the whites, Génération XIX and Edmond blend maturity and pressure with a strong potential to develop. There is always a touch of minerality added to Edmond. The 2001 wine is superb.

- Sancerre Edmond 2001 9/10
- Sancerre En Grands Champs 2003 9.5/10
- Sancerre Génération XIX 2003 9/10
- Sancerre Génération XIX 2003 9.5/10
- Sancerre La Moussière 2004 8/10
- Sancerre La Moussière 2003 8.5/10
- Sancerre Les Demoiselles 2003 8.5/10

By Antoine Gerbelle, Olivier Poussier and Bernard Burtschy


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