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  Bettane & Desseauve 2005
Classement des meilleurs vins de France 2005 (Best French Wines 2005)

Owing to a computer error, this estate was unfortunately deprived of its second star last year. We apologise to our readers and to the producers for this incident. We still believe of course that the greatest wines in the Sancerre appellation are produced here. Alphonse Mellot junior (nineteenth generation) has now taken full control of the estate with the blessing and complicity of Alphonse senior. With boldness and rigour, he is continuing the work started by his artistic father in the late eighties in the selection of grapes and, above all, in the whole culture of the family vineyard. Already a reference in sauvignon, the estate is becoming one for pinot noir too. In 2002, two new reds resulting from intelligent plot selections, La Demoiselle and En Grands Champs, provided the finishing touches to this admirable work and established the estate as the leader in European pinot noir outside Côte-d'Or.
The wines : La Demoiselle is a delicate, tight pinot which suggests the best of La Côte de Beaune, whereas En Grands Champs expresses strength and harmony. They support the Génération magnificently, forming a complete, deep synthesis. In ten years’ time, this trio will still be in fine health. The quality of the whites is still as exciting and, in particular, perfectly consistent from the basic cuvée La Moussière to the delicate, concentrated Edmond and Génération.

Sancerre blanc Edmond 2001 : 9

Sancerre rouge En Grands Champs 2002 : 9

Sancerre blanc Génération XIX 2002 : 9

Sancerre rouge Génération XIX 2002 : 9,5

Sanerre rouge La Demoiselle 2002 : 8,5

Sancerre blanc La Moussière 2003 : 7,5

Sancerre rouge La Moussière 2003 : 8


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